Our team from CIT Solutions’ Centre for Modern Languages (CML) has been working hard to create a range of customisable language training solutions to meet your needs. Designed to suit all skill levels across 27+ languages, beginners and advanced learners alike can join us to increase their language proficiency and learn more about the culture of their target country through tailored training.

For over 35 years, we have been entrusted with targeted language training for both government and private sectors of the country.

We are also the first choice of those who want to enhance their language proficiency for business expansions or career growth.

We facilitate your language learning journey through our design, development and delivery.

  • 35+ years Trusted by Government agencies
  • 152+ Language courses developed
  • 28,000+ students trained
  • 100% facilitators are highly qualified
  • 200+ Language trainers available
  • 27+ languages to choose from