Mandarin Immersion Courses

About the Course

This Language Immersion course is specifically developed for people who already possess the language proficiency at the required level in the target language (TL). The course facilitates to refresh and consolidate their existing modern language proficiency skills. The course also facilitates to build confidence to use the language in communication and to learn/reassess strategies for on-going language learning suitable for each learner. 

The course is a language immersion course; the target language is used throughout the course of instruction. Therefore, it is important for learners to possess prerequisite language skills to fully participate in the course with fellow learners and the tutor.

The aim of the course is for learners to:

  • Refresh and develop language skills to engage in communication for different situations ranging from everyday casual conversation to professional contexts
  • Develop language learning strategies and intercultural communication capacity to use beyond this course

Mandarin Immersion Course Levels

Intermediate Advanced

About Mandarin Immersion Courses

  • Price: All Immersion courses are $1000 (incl GST).
  • Previous knowledge required: Dependent on course level.
  • Certification: Statement of Attendance is available upon request for learners who have completed the course.
  • Course Materials: Textbook and resource information will be notified.
  • Delivery: Virtual
  • Duration: Immersion courses are intensive two day courses with a duration of 14 hours total.

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